Dentures From One of Northeast Ohio’s Largest In-House Dental Lab Facilities

Dentures made in Akron, OhioWhen it comes to finding good dentures, vital features include where the dentures are made, and how they are serviced.  Anyone who has purchased dentures that were not manufactured correctly knows the headaches and hassles that can and usually do follow.

Dentures are much too important to your daily life to endure the discomfort and displeasure caused by problematic dentures. An easy way to avoid trouble is to find a dental professional who has a local in-house dental lab facility with a long history and respected reputation for making and servicing quality dentures.

One of the Northeast Ohio Community’s Largest Dental Lab Facilities

If you live in northeast Ohio and are looking for new dentures or replacement dentures, you have the benefit of being in close proximity to one of the region’s largest dental lab facilities.  It’s owned and operated by local dentists, Dr. James George and Dr. Mark Grucella and offers nearly 50 years of experience fabricating dentures that feel great and function properly. Dr. George and Dr. Grucella, along with their team of dental professionals, have earned a respected reputation in the community for crafting and servicing quality and affordable dentures.

Talking, Eating, Singing and Smiling Over One Hundred Thousand Times

Many of us take for granted the numerous roles our teeth play in pronouncing words, enjoying our favorite foods, singing memorable songs and providing others with a precious smile to let them know how you feel. Quality dentures give you the confidence to perform all these actions without hesitation.  Dr. George’s and Dr. Grucella’s Akron dental lab has produced over 100,000 dentures that allow people to talk clearly, take bites out of apples, carry a tune and deliver beautiful smiles that brighten their day and the days of countless others.

This Dental Lab Does NOT Make You Wait

Because dentures are so important to daily life, you can’t wait weeks for your dentures to be manufactured by a dental lab on the other side of the world. You need them quickly. Dr. George’s and Dr. Grucella’s dental lab produces quality new dentures in 2 days.  But that’s not all. When dentures need adjusted, relined or repaired, as all dentures eventually do, this dental lab performs those services the same day. With nearly 50 years of experience, this dental lab understands the importance of providing fast and courteous service to patients who can’t afford to live life without their dentures.

Implants Take Denture Performance to an Even Higher Level

The added security and comfort dental implants provide dentures are extraordinary. Implants serve as rock-solid anchors for attaching dentures which make their functionality almost limitless. When you match the solid foundation offered by dental implants with the quality dentures manufactured in Dr. George’s and Dr. Grucella’s dental lab, you’ll have the pleasure of wearing dentures that feel amazing and provide outstanding performance.


Akron and Canton area dentists, Dr. James George and Dr. Mark Grucella, have earned a respected reputation for making quality and affordable dentures over the last 5 decades. Their in-house denture lab located in Akron, Ohio is one of the region’s largest and offers patients a long history of invaluable experience, prompt service and patient satisfaction.

To learn more about Dr. George, Dr. Grucella and their team of denture professionals, please visit

No matter what your dental issue or how long it’s been since you have seen a dentist, Dr. James George and Dr. Mark Grucella care about Making You Smile!

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