Denture Relines: Maintaining Long-Term Comfort and Function

Denture relineGood quality dentures that are correctly fitted and fabricated by experienced dental professionals will feel secure and be free from pain or discomfort. They will provide the denture wearer with confidence in their denture’s performance and reliability.

As years pass, the conditions within a denture wearer’s mouth naturally change. Gum tissues transform and may become altered by such things as shrinking with the aging process.  As a result, dentures may start to become loose or uncomfortable. This is a common occurrence and easily addressed with a denture maintenance and update process called a denture reline.

A denture reline restores the comfort, security and functionality of dentures by modifying the dentures so they once again conform to the gums and the transformations the gums have gone through over the years.

The two most common denture relines are as follow:

Soft Reline

Some denture wearers develop tender gums and begin to experience constant pain and discomfort. Sores may also form on the gums in or around these tender areas.  In such cases, dentures can be relined with a soft material which is gentle to the gums, allowing sore spots to heal and preventing new sores from developing.

Hard Reline    

A hard reline should be performed on dentures every few years for proper maintenance and health of a denture wearer’s gums. With hard relines, the denture is re-fitted by a dental professional to the current contours of the denture wearer’s gums. The dentures are then permanently updated in the dental lab restoring the security, comfort, performance and confidence experienced with new dentures.

Care and maintenance of dentures is critical to the long-term life of the dentures and the health of the denture wearer.  Having denture relines performed by an experienced dental professional at regular intervals will ensure dentures feel good and function reliably. Relines also help protect the investment made in good quality dentures by extending the time which they can be worn.

Dr. James George and Dr. Mark Grucella have been providing patients with quality dentures and superior service for nearly 50 years. Their dental lab is one of the region’s largest and offers patients with the convenience of same-day denture relines.  To learn more about Dr. James George, Dr. Mark Grucella, their team of dental professionals and their large, in-house dental lab, please visit

No matter what your dental issue or how long it’s been since you have seen a dentist, Dr. George and Dr. Grucella care about Making You Smile!

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