Denture Wearers Explain Why You Must Consider the “Intangibles” When Selecting Dentures

Denture wearerWhen it comes to selecting dentures, people have many options with regards to providers, price and quality. In the decision-making process of choosing dentures, it often comes down to matching the advertised price of the dentures with your budget.  However, people who wear dentures have learned there are also “intangibles” that need to be taken into consideration.

The right dentures and the best overall value for your long-term oral health and satisfaction do not come from just the advertised price. As these denture wearers explain, it comes from the level of care provided and the decades of experience offered with fitting, fabricating and servicing dentures:  

“I have been to many dentists and have had five (5) sets of dentures. Most of those dentures wore me instead of me wearing them. They also made the upper dentures too big, like horse teeth. I am extremely pleased with what Dr. Grucella did in making my teeth look so much better.” – D.R. 

“Thank you for the great job installing my dentures. If I would have found a great dentist like Dr. Grucella when I was young, I would have taken much better care of my teeth” – T.J.


Newspapers, TV and the internet are full of advertisements offering low priced dentures. However, the cost advertised may not be the ultimate price you will pay for those dentures.  As shown above, people who need dentures should consider who is fabricating their dentures, where the dentures are being made and the level of service they receive before, during and after they obtain their dentures.

Once people have had dentures for a while, they appreciate how valuable it is to be able to say what these dentures wearers confidently state:

 “My dentures are perfect. Many compliments. Thank you and your staff.” – D. P.

 “I am writing to express my thanks for the fine dental work Dr. George and Dr. Grucella recently provided me. My upper denture and lower partial fit well and feel good. I have had no problems adjusting to them. They perform well and even allow me to sing! I was equally impressed with the kind and thorough staff who assisted throughout. Again, thank you!” – C.R. 


Dr. James George and Dr. Mark Grucella have been providing patients with quality dentures and superior service for nearly 50 years. Their dental lab is one of the region’s largest and offers patients with the convenience of same-day denture relines.  To learn more about Dr. James George, Dr. Mark Grucella, their team of dental professionals and their large, in-house dental lab, please visit

No matter what your dental issue or how long it’s been since you have seen a dentist, Dr. George and Dr. Grucella care about Making You Smile!  

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  • Fred Smith  On January 23, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    I agree. When I was trying to find the right dentures in Denver, CO, It was a more though out process than I originally thought it was going to be. Thanks for some great tips!

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